About Us

At Talons D’or, we all come to work everyday with one simple objective: to make your perfect shoe, exactly the way you want it, in the best way we can.

Our idea of “making your own shoe” stems from the fact that each woman is Unique. The modern woman is independent, sophisticated and creative; and she should not have to settle for something that has been made for everyone. She deserves more than that.

What she deserves is a personally handcrafted pair of shoes made with impeccable craftsmanship, specially for her feet! And we will make sure you get nothing less than that!

If you’re interested, you could read up about the guys who manage the helm:

Praneet Kakani

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

A poet, a writer, an engineer, a staunch feminist and by chance a serial entrepreneur. The “make your shoe” idea stemmed from his search of trying to find the perfect shoes for his fiancee. (Talk about true love!) Once he found it, he couldn’t stop talking about it and to shut him up, we opened a company.

Headed business development at The Souled Store, loves analyzing everything, and thinks we’re all part of a James Joyce book, a Stanley Kubrick film or something like that.